In 1949 the first plant of the radio-navigational equipment was found in the Soviet Union. At the present time it is Joint Stock Company Gorizont. During some short period of time it was just manufacturing base. However as late as in 1953 the young design team has developed and launched serial production the mobile radar responder beacon “Znak”. In another four years the most wholesale station for marine and fishing ships of the USSR fleet – NRS ”Don” - was developed.

Should be separately noted the unique product of cooperation of Russian science and Bulgarian industry – the navigational radar station (NRS) “Kivach”. This station developed by Gorizont designers in 1966 was produced in the People's Republic of Bulgaria for many years. Tens of international rewards received by NRS “Kivach” on the international exhibitions were confirmed with long years of practical service. Starting with 1967 almost all commercial ships of the COMECON countries were equipped with stations of “Kivach” series, where they operated trouble-free and without blames. Russian sailors mark by warm words the NRS of “Donetz” series (1960), NRS “Volga” (1967), “Mius” (1970), which rendered obedience on Russian ships. In 1974 they were changed to NRS of “Nayada” series meeting the latest requirements in the field of radar and radio-navigation.

In 1993 for the first time in Russia the airfield control radar station “Aksai” was developed and installed.

As early as 50 years ago – in far 1959 – the first specimen of the navigational radar station was created by Gorizont. It bore no resemblance to the modern supercomplex systems, which up till now are an honor to the Russian science and industry. Namely the products of this series became the starting point for the work of Gorizont designers on the integrated bridge systems, which resulted in bridge systems embodied the more than semicentury experience of engineering development. However for 60 years the plant has produced more than 200 thousand of products and volume of production continues to grow steadily. Since 2003 the plant has been actively engaged in development and production of LCD displays of industrial purpose, multifunctional console equipment, operator's workstations.

The modern developments of the company are noted not only for the technical innovation, but also for the actuality. In 2004 the company was awarded the I grade certificate of the international competition and the medal “Quality guarantee”. What pushes Gorizont ahead in this endless rush ahead? The answer is very simple: when you have reached one horizon, the reachless perfection of the new one is in front.